Apartment rental business in Tenerife


apartment rental business in Tenerife - how to increase income

Renting apartments in Tenerife as a business




Renting out apartments in Tenerife is a great way to earn money and invest it in real estate.

However, this type of business also requires a lot of work, responsibility and stress.


If you want to get rid of these negative aspects and make your business more efficient and profitable, you can turn to a professional management company to handle everything for you.


You will be able to save your time and effort, increase your income and reduce your expenses, maintain your control and transparency, and receive professional support and protection.


This way you can enjoy your own autonomous business that operates under your complete control.


You will be able to receive a stable and high income from your apartment or apartment in Tenerife.



Apartment rental business in Tenerife - how to avoid stress and increase your income

Quality and reliability.


You must choose a management company that guarantees you the high quality and reliability of its services.

You must be sure that your apartment or apartment will be clean, comfortable, safe and in good working order for each guest.

You must be sure that the management company will promptly and efficiently solve any problems that may arise with
your home or guests.

You must be sure that the management company will comply with all agreements and obligations that it has entered into with you.



Responsiveness and flexibility.


You should choose a property management company that is responsive and flexible to your needs and wishes.


You should be able to influence the process of leasing your apartment or apartment, express your opinion, give your recommendations, offer your ideas.


You should be able to adapt rental terms and prices depending on market conditions, season, demand, competition and other factors.


You should be able to change or terminate your relationship with the management company if you are not satisfied with its performance.


When choosing a management company for renting apartments in Tenerife, you must be careful and thorough.


You should compare different options, analyze their advantages and disadvantages, ask questions and ask for clarification. You must choose the company that best suits you according to all criteria and that trusts and respects you.




apartment rental business in Tenerife - how to earn income without stressWe would like to invite you to work with our management company - Avanta Tenerife.

We are one of the best and reliable companies in the tourist rental market of apartments and villas in Tenerife.

We, as a tour operator company, have more than 20 years of experience in the field of accommodating guests, organizing meetings, accommodation and leisure activities for tourists.


We offer you a full range of services for managing your apartment or apartment, including:


Advertising and promotion of your apartment or villa on the best platforms and sites such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Agoda, TripAdvisor, Vrbo, Idealista and others.

We create and optimize your ad, select the right keywords, take professional photos and videos.

We constantly monitor and answer questions and reviews from guests, update information on prices and availability.


Reservation, check-in and check-out of guests. 


We monitor the reservation calendar, confirm or reject requests, contact guests by phone, email or messengers, we agree on the time and method of check-in, meet guests, show them the apartment or apartment, hand over the keys, sign contracts, take deposits and payments.

Cleaning and maintenance of your apartment or apartment.


We clean the accommodation after each guest, change bed linen and towels, wash dishes, take out the trash,
we check the functionality of household appliances and plumbing fixtures, repair or replace broken items, buy consumables,
such as toilet paper, soap, shampoo and others.


Property management company in Tenerife

Planned repairs and renovation of equipment or furniture in an apartment or apartment.


We will inspect the condition of your property equipment, furniture in advance, and if repairs or maintenance are necessary, we will inform you and, after your approval, we will plan and organize all the necessary work.


Compliance with laws and tax obligations. 


We register your apartment or flat with the relevant authorities, obtain a rental license, keep records of income and expenses, pay taxes and fees, collect and store guest data, comply with safety and hygiene rules. We respect the rights and interests of neighbors and the community of owners.


We guarantee you high quality and reliability of our services.


We will increase the occupancy and value of your apartment or apartment.

We will offer you favorable and transparent conditions and prices.
We will provide you with high-quality and timely communication and accessibility.

We will provide you with professional support and protection.
We will be responsive and flexible to your needs and wishes.


If you are interested in our offer, please contact us.


We will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you on all aspects of renting an apartment in Tenerife.


We hope that you will become our partner and entrust us with the management of your apartment or apartment in Tenerife.