How to increase your income by renting out an apartment in Tenerife without stress

apartment rental business in Tenerife - how to avoid stress and increase income


The island of Tenerife is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain and around the world.


Every year, millions of tourists come to this beautiful island to enjoy the sun, sea, nature and entertainment.


Many of them prefer to rent apartments or apartments instead of staying in hotels. This gives them more freedom, comfort and savings.

If you own an apartment in Tenerife, you can earn a good income by renting it out to tourists.




However, it is not as simple as it seems. Renting an apartment on your own in Tenerife comes with many challenges and stresses that can ruin your life and business.


In this article, we'll cover some of them and how you can avoid them by hiring a professional property management company.

apartment rental business in Tenerife - management company Avanta Tenerife

What are the problems we face when renting apartments in Tenerife.

Renting an apartment on your own in Tenerife requires a lot of time, effort, knowledge and skills from you.


You must do the following tasks:



As you can see, this is a rather complex and demanding process that requires a lot of attention, organization and discipline from you.




apartment rental business in Tenerife - Avanta management company will take care of your business


In addition, you are at risk of encountering problems such as:



All these problems can cause you a lot of stress, nervousness, frustration and fatigue. You may lose interest and motivation in your business, as well as your quality of life. You may feel lonely and unhappy if you don't have support and help from other people.





apartment rental business in Tenerife - how to avoid stress and increase income

Solving problems with renting apartments in Tenerife

Is there a way out of this situation? Of course have!


You can transfer all your problems and worries to a professional management company that will take care of everything for you.

Management Company — is an organization that specializes in renting apartments or apartments in Tenerife.



In addition to searching for potential clients, the management company organizes advertising, booking, check-in/check-out, cleaning, maintenance and repair or replacement of furniture, legal support and other assistance.


The management company provides you with the following benefits:


apartment rental business in Tenerife - how to avoid stress and increase income

How to choose a management company for renting apartments in Tenerife


If you decide to use the services of a management company to rent out apartments in Tenerife, you must be careful and thorough when choosing. Not all management companies are equally good and reliable.


You should consider the following factors:


Reputation and experience.


You should choose a management company that has a good reputation and long experience in the rental of apartments in Tenerife.

You should check reviews and recommendations from other owners and guests who have used her services.

You should find out how long she has been on the market, how many apartments or apartments she manages, what results she shows.

apartment rental business in Tenerife - how to avoid stress and increase income






Terms and prices.


You must choose a management company that offers you favorable and transparent conditions and prices.

You must clearly understand what services it includes in its package, how it forms its commission, how it distributes income and expenses, how it calculates and pays taxes and fees, how it concludes and terminates contracts.

You should compare different offers and choose the one that suits you best.


Communication and accessibility. 


You should choose a management company that provides you with high-quality and timely communication and availability.
You should be able to contact her through any channel that is convenient for you: telephone, email, instant messenger,
social networks and others. You should receive regular reports and notifications from her about the condition of your apartment or apartment,
about bookings and arrivals, about income and expenses, about problems and solutions.
You should feel like she is always available and ready to help you.