Contract for the purchase of services

LogoContract for the purchase of services

An individual entrepreneur Antonyuk Anastasia Yuryevna, acting on the basis of an Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities No. 2 557 000 0000 015901 dated August 20, 2019, who is a single tax payer, hereinafter referred to as the TRAVEL AGENT on the one hand, and the CLIENT being an individual, On the other hand, according to Art. 633, 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, have concluded this Agreement as follows:




1.1. The TRAVEL AGENT provides the CLIENT with services for the sale of vouchers to a sanatorium, boarding house or hotel according to the CLIENT's application submitted via the Internet from the site




2.1. The TRAVEL AGENT undertakes: to provide the CLIENT with sanatorium and resort services in accordance with the sold voucher.
2.2. The CLIENT undertakes to provide the TRAVEL AGENT with an application for the purchase of a voucher in advance, indicating the names and passport details of group members or individuals (if necessary).
2.3. The CLIENT undertakes to timely make payments in accordance with this Agreement.
2.4. The CLIENT undertakes to adhere to the generally accepted norms of behavior, sanitary standards and rules established in the host institution during the entire period of the voucher.
2.5. In the event that the CLIENT delays in paying for the services, the TRAVEL AGENT reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and refuse to provide the CLIENT with further services.
2.6. The TRAVEL AGENT does not pay compensation for the delay of the CLIENT or the persons referred by him, or for the early termination of the receipt of services on the tour.




3.1. Both parties will cooperate under this Agreement in such a way that there are no claims to each other and from third parties. In the event of claims, the parties will seek to resolve emerging problems on the spot.
3.2. Services under this Agreement, ordered and paid by the CLIENT, are not compensated by the TRAVEL AGENT if they are not used due to the fault of the CLIENT or persons sent on his behalf.
3.3. The parties under this Agreement shall not be liable to each other for damage that occurred through no fault of the TRAVEL AGENT or CLIENT. And also the TRAVEL AGENT is not responsible for the actions of the CLIENT or persons sent by him, committed in violation of the legislation of Ukraine.
3.4. In case of violation by the CLIENT, or persons sent by him, of public order or sanitary standards, the TRAVEL AGENT has the right to terminate the provision of services without compensation for the lost services.
3.5. In case of refusal of the CLIENT from the services after making a partial or full prepayment, the TRAVEL AGENT charges the following fines from the CLIENT:
cancellation over 30 days - 10% of the total cost of the service
cancellation over 14 days - 25% of the total cost of the service
cancellation within 14-7 days - 50% of the total cost of the service
Cancellation less than 7 days – total cost is non-refundable

In case of refusal of the CLIENT from the services booked for the dates of the high holiday season (from June 5 to September 20), the cost of the tour is not refundable, regardless of the period for which the refusal of services occurred.
3.6. All material losses caused by tourists are paid at the retail prices of the host country.
3.7. If the CLIENT has no claims against the TRAVEL AGENT, presented in writing before the end of the tour, including the last day, the services for organizing recreation by the TRAVEL AGENT are considered to be provided in full and on time.




4.1. Both parties will make every effort to resolve disputes arising on the implementation of this Agreement through negotiations. If the settlement of disputed issues through negotiations is not achieved, any dispute arising under this Agreement or in connection with it shall be referred to the Economic Court of Ukraine at the location of the defendant.
4.2. Both parties agreed that in the event of force majeure circumstances (war, earthquake, epidemic, strikes and other force majeure events) that impede the implementation of this Agreement, the parties are released from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations under this agreement.
4.3. Both parties have agreed that all additional agreements, amendments and additions received by correspondence, telexes, faxes and other documents signed by both parties are an integral part of this Agreement.
4.4. The contract can be terminated due to non-fulfillment of its conditions only on the basis of an official written notice from one of the parties.
4.5. The CLIENT guarantees that he is an individual or an individual entrepreneur.
4.6. This Agreement is made in the form of an offer and comes into force from the date of issuing an invoice for the purchase of a ticket and is valid until the end of the tour. Acceptance of the offer is made by paying the invoice by the CLIENT and means full and unconditional acceptance by the CLIENT of all the terms of this agreement.